Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rio's First Show

A few weeks before Rio was to show in the PQHA Futurities as part of an AQHA show I wanted to take her out for a "test drive". There's a local riding club that has a Wednesday night open show series so we decided that would be a good place to expose her to the sights and sounds of a horse show. Turns out I was probably more nervous than she was! She looked around just a bit, whinnied a few times, but kept all four hooves squarely on the ground. Nothing seemed to phase her. However, it was sweltering that evening so that probably helped. I entered her in the Open Grooming and Showmanship and the Halter class. I knew from years past that they didn't typically call for a pattern in the showmanship (SMS) class and the gal in the show office said there wasn't one. So lo and behold they called for a pattern! Rio is just a baby and I still have to square her up by physically moving her feet...a definite no-no in a SMS class. So we did our best and he gave us 2nd place! We then placed 2nd in the halter class. I could hear people in the stands saying "Wow, look how well-behaved that little baby is." I know we've done our homework but Rio really does have a very sweet disposition. One that I hope sticks around for when it's time to ride her!


At September 11, 2007 at 6:37:00 PM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

2nd place at her first show?!?!! Wow! That's great for a baby like her! She is also very pretty.

At October 11, 2007 at 8:28:00 PM EDT , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, don't you think it is time to update the blog. How is she doing???

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