Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rio's First Show

A few weeks before Rio was to show in the PQHA Futurities as part of an AQHA show I wanted to take her out for a "test drive". There's a local riding club that has a Wednesday night open show series so we decided that would be a good place to expose her to the sights and sounds of a horse show. Turns out I was probably more nervous than she was! She looked around just a bit, whinnied a few times, but kept all four hooves squarely on the ground. Nothing seemed to phase her. However, it was sweltering that evening so that probably helped. I entered her in the Open Grooming and Showmanship and the Halter class. I knew from years past that they didn't typically call for a pattern in the showmanship (SMS) class and the gal in the show office said there wasn't one. So lo and behold they called for a pattern! Rio is just a baby and I still have to square her up by physically moving her feet...a definite no-no in a SMS class. So we did our best and he gave us 2nd place! We then placed 2nd in the halter class. I could hear people in the stands saying "Wow, look how well-behaved that little baby is." I know we've done our homework but Rio really does have a very sweet disposition. One that I hope sticks around for when it's time to ride her!

Rio Goes To Town

When Rio was a few months old I decided it was time for her to take a ride with mama in our trusty stock trailer. I tried loading Tia first but she was too concerned where Rio was so we ended up loading baby first and then mama. We took a short ride over to Shelly Mix's new barn and I had my mom follow in her car in case Rio and Tia got in to any trouble. I tied mama and left Rio loose. She was still small enough that she could walk around mama in the trailer and nurse. We had no problems at all. In fact, Rio seemed to enjoy herself. I took her for one more trailer ride prior to weaning her and then trailered her by herself in the stock trailer and then in our larger gooseneck trailer. Rio needed to be coaxed a little bit but eventually she started jumping right in. Coming off the trailer was a little more of a challenge for her but now she's an old pro!

"You want me to jump?!?"